Have you experienced the Mystery Escape Room here in St. George? If you have not and you think you are smart, clever, good at puzzles, love mysteries, or need something fun and unique to do, give this adventure a try!

This is a unique activity where a group of you enter into a themed room filled with puzzles, clues, live actors, and a special mission. Together you and your team work together to try and figure out your mission and how to get yourselves out of the room.Some of the themed rooms include: The Space Void, Treasure Island, The Wild Bunch, Dracula’s Castle, & the Count of Monte Cristo.  It is thrilling and exciting.

Recently our team here, from the St. George Inn & Suites experienced our own special missions at the Mystery Escape Room. We had so much fun working together and trying to puzzle out our missions. It was a great way to work together and have some fun!

There are two locations, here in St. George and also at the Salt Lake City Gateway Mall. We love that is it family owned and operated. To visit there page and learn more details click here. 


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